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About Mahaveer Marble Art Gallery:

Welcome to Mahaveer Marble Art, your resource for all art marble needs and projects. Mahaveer Marble Art is offering the reliable high quality Marble crafted artifacts.

Mahaveer Marble Art has modern factory equipped for cutting, polishing, calibration, chemphering and finishing.Mahaveer Marble Art is constantly strive to make new innovative designs and develop new patterns in traditional carvings for our valued customers. Apart from our range of exclusive designs we can provide you any kind of pattern and design in Sandstone and Marble. Our Marble Idols are enameled with artistic designs, and retain their shine and glory for years.

Moorti manufacturing is our parental art. Our motto is to provide superior quality of art & marble to our customers. We are a completely customer-driven organization, supplying Marble Handicrafts ,Marble Name Plates ,Top–Quality Marble Lamps, as per the specific samples of our valued customers at the best competitive prices.

Our Products are Fountains, Marble Gift , decorative articles, Carved Pillars, Planters, Garden Lamps, Sandstone Cladding, Small Temples, Monuments, Marble Pedestals, Marble Furniture, Marble Idols, Marble Lamps, Marble Plates, Marble Temples, Marble Vases, Marble Pots, Marble Statues.